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Our Story

Since 1977 the L.A. Connection Comedy Theatre's mission has been to perfect the art of improvisation. To inspire, train, develop and nurture talent of all ages through the rehearsals and weekly live performances.


Our goal is to create a community of performers who can develop their talents in a supportive setting. A safe environment of trust, support, growth, and freedom allows our performers to showcase their individual talent in a group dynamic.

The LAC will continue to expand our horizons in all areas of media to create opportunities for professional and amateur performers alike. We love to teach, we love to perform. We love to laugh. We love improvisation.


3435 W. Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who made our Grand Opening a success! We're back to our regularly scheduled programming. Keep checking back here for updates when the Spolin Players and Fred Willard's MoHos Sketch Group perform again. And of course, more Mad Movies!

Thursday Night Schedule

Stand Up and Long & Short Improv in one evening!

8 P.M. Beyond Stand Up!

10:30 P.M. Group Text (Short and long form improv, group jams!)


Call 818-710-1320  ext. 2 for Reservations!

Friday Night Schedule

Join us for the Grand Opening Festivities!

8 P.M.  < Ć’lattering (Short form improv)

9 P.M. Stranger Than Fiction (Veterans That Rock!)

10:30 P.M. Split Decision (Late Night ALL STARS!)


Call 818-710-1320  ext. 2 for Reservations!

Saturday Schedule

Featuring our Showcase Group! 2001 An Improv Odyssey!

5:30 P.M. Comedy Improv for KIDS by TEENS!

8 P.M.  Temporary Insanity (Veteran Group)

9 P.M. 2001 An Improv Odyssey

       (LAC's Top Group)

        ("Best Bets"-L.A. Times "Pick of the Week" - L.A. Weekly "4 stars" - Daily News)

10:30 P.M. The Squirts (Late Night Laughs)


Call 818-710-1320  ext. 2 for Reservations!

Sunday Schedule

Improv for Kids by Kids! Two Group Jam!

3:30 P.M. Comedy Improv for KIDS by KIDS!

8 P.M.  Sunday Funny Sunday (2 Group Jam)


Call 818-710-1320  ext. 2 for Reservations!

Contact LA Connection

3435 West Magnolia Blvd.,

Burbank, CA 91505


Just down the street from Portos! Plenty of street parking.


Call 818-710-1320  ext. 2 for Reservations!

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