The Blob

LAC’s Improvision version of the 1958 Stever McQueen classic, one of the most well known of the many old sci-fi films. Teenager McQueen (in his first movie) and his friends struggle valiantly to keep a gelatinous glob from another galaxy from devouring their small town and all its denizens. The new plot: A battle between Steve and the Blob to see who can get their act on “the Tonight Show” and be dicovered. In 1992, the All-Stars took Improvisation one step farther, giving voice to The Blob via an animated mouth in a new film- BLOBERMOUTH. BLOBERMOUTH brought international acclaim to its LAC creators and the already famous film.


This 1966 classic starred Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin (recreating their TV roles), to say nothing of Frank Gorshin (the Riddler), Burgess Mereidth (The Penguin), Lee Meriwether(Cat Woman), and Ceasar Romero (The Joker). Now thatwas a Batman movie! It pitted our heroes against an evil inventor who dehydrates people and reduces them to flakes of dust. How can you improve on a plot like that? Just watch LAC improv on it! Revisit the Batmobile, the Batcopter, the Batboat, and the Batcycle.

Reefer Madness

Draw a deep breath. Cough. The original of this movie was filmed in 1936 to serve as a training film for students. Depicting the “unthinkable horrors” associated with the use of marijuana (and the same today!), the film is a “poorly made, sensationalized, marvelously campy movie,” as described by Kent Skov, LAC’s Founder and director. Fortunately, LAC’s Improvision pros can come up with plots even funnier than those created by our government.

Wrestling Women Vs. the Aztec Mummy

This classic America International Pictures (AIC)catasrtophe, filmed in Mexico in 1962, is a movie that only a mummy could love. The original story line pits wrestling women against the bad guys, an avenging mummy, and any sembalnce of good taste or good sense. Expect the LAC line to turn a reeeeaaally bad movie into a really baaaaaad movie. May the best women win and the poor mummy not get so wrapped up in himself in LAC’s 2004 Olympic Tribute takeoff.

The Woman in Green

This is the lady who brought the LAC All-Stars a CableACE nomination for Best Comedy Special for their A&E TV movie-dubbing of this Sherlock Holmes favorite. The original 1954 movie starred Basil Rathbone and Nigil Bruce as the daring duo who once again try to outwit the evil professor Moriarty-who, in turn, uses the lady (Hillary Brooke) to further his vile plot. In LAC’s Improvision version, Moriarty meets his match, quite literally, when he vents his evil ways on the Smokestoppers, a group of the wea-willed preople who just want to stop smoking.

Cat Women on the Moon

Moonwalking meant something else back in 1954 when this “tacky sci-fi” movie was made. The most familiar names in the “all-star cast” were Sonny Tufts, Victor Jory, and Marie Windsor. Now we’re exploring rocks on Mars, but then a trip to the moon produced a female civilization and an underground empire. Just think waht LAC’s Improvision cast can do with possibilities like that! Plus-a Halloween costume contest, with great prizes.

Plan 9 from Outer Space

Ed Wood Jr. had no idea how much fun he was creating for the future audiences when he filmed this 1959 fiasco of a movie called Plan 9 from Outer Space (Golden Turkey award for “the worst movie ever made”). Just watching the original movie as filmed is a whale of a kick. Aliens attempt to conquer Earth by resurrecting corpes from a cemetery. Most fun is to watch Bela Lugosi in the early part of the movie (before he died) and the much younger/taller replacement actor who spent the rest of the movie hiding his face behind a cape. Wait until the LAC gang gets into this one! Join them for Thanksgiving.