Our Comedy Camps are fun!

Serving up laughs to schools & camps all over the Southland. Bring your group on a field trip to our 100 seat air conditioned theatre. Our shows offer kids ages 5-18 a new interactive way to gain confidence, camaraderie, and the gift of humor through interactive comedy games. Can’t leave your location? We’ll come to you. For groups larger than 100 kids, we can also arrange for an off-site facility to accommodate your field trip needs!

Hire the L.A. Connection to perform a 1-hour comedy show. We supply 3-4 comedy actors who do a series of 10 different improv games, using suggestions from your audience. Take for instance “Story Story,” we ask for a funny first and last name and an occupation. 1-3 volunteers help us tell the story. Some of our other games include helping hands, where we are the hands, arms, and voice of two of your campers, a charade type game, sing-alongs, ask the expert, party quirks (where everybody takes on the physical quirks of the person whom just entered) and barnyard emotional symphony (where performers act out the sound of an animal with an emotion i.e. happy pig, crazy cow). The majority of our games incorporate your campers to make it a fun and memorable day.

How about hiring a teacher for an additional hour of Private Improv Instruction after the show? Have your kids take charge and perform some of the games they just saw. You may also hire instruction only for as many sessions as needed within your program. We assist individuals in unlocking and uncovering their hidden talents!


Please call (818) 710-1320 Ext. 3 for more information
or email Kent Skov at kentskov@aol.com